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Atlanta’s own high energy female DJ spins breakbeats and electrohouse to rock the dance floor!

Peach Bella charges headfirst onstage brandishing an ambitious style founded on her true music love, electronic dance music. Her enthusiasm for the best in EDM music will electrify the dance floor as a DJ to remember at every party. Catch Peach Bella live to get inspired to move, dance, laugh, love, and live more fully with her signature melodic bass-heavy Breakbeats and Electrohouse magic!

Growing tired of the repetitive candy-coated dance music played on corporate radio, she longed for something more intelligent and evocative. She finally felt a profoundly missing sense of community and belonging at her very first exposure to the EDM scene in Atlanta in April 2011. She was hooked and never looked back. Her childhood love of making elaborate mixtapes was resurrected as she learned to mix on CDJs and Serato. The many years of chorus and a cappella singing, with a dash of marching band and percussion training, prepared her to understand music theory that applied to DJing live, including song structure, key, rhythm, and style.

What’s her favorite genre? “I always loved breakbeats, even before I knew what that meant.” She was always the beatbox in her a cappella group, so laying down a solid bassline comes naturally for Peach Bella. She is also very philosophical about art and music. “The heart provides the natural rhythm to life, and we hear it from before we are born. So it makes sense to me to compare music to life, to the hearbeat.” Being the high-energy person that she is, there’s no surprise that she excels with the epic sounds of EDM in the 128-140 BPM range. It won’t surprise her fans to know this tough Crossfit junkie often previews new tracks during her workouts for a double dose of inspiration!

Peach Bella would not be aiming so high today if it weren’t for the key influences in her musical life. The inimitable DJ Exzile has been the biggest inspiration and most patient teacher imaginable. He continues to be her biggest supporter and influence of her musical development due to his skillful mastery of All Things BreakBeat.

Another favorite friend and teacher, B-Naut, amazes her with his creativity and flair. She will also be nominating him for sainthood.

Her music selection continues to be heavily influenced by Roshambo, KL2, Gustolabs, Fixx, Icey, The Phat Kids, BTZ from Sneaker and the Dryer, Si-Dog. She especially has the utmost respect and admiration for Gustolabs for his amazing production and live performances, notably the way he gets the ladies moving on the dance floor! In her opinion, no one does vinyl better than J-Luv, and when he spins it takes her back to a time she didn’t live through to remember. Peach Bella looks up to strong and talented female DJs in this male-dominated culture, including Starlified, Keri, Bella of Agent K and Bella, Dominatrix-X, MoMo, Hyperion, Chan, Nikita, HeavyGrinder.

Peach Bella is honored to share the love of music with some of her favorite talent, including Prism, OrionPaxx, Zyntax, Fitz, JT Sexton, Yoshin, Intrinzic, Ashe, Tedder, Bishop, Auptimus, Maku, PHIL, Full Frequency, Silver, Sikora, Fonkah, Kenny Styles, Synergy, and Infektuous Dex. She would not have even found EDM if not for the incomparable Carolyn Marsh, whose confidence and ambition conspired to bring the best in music and beauty together in the ultimate matchmaking success story. And this part of the story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the best wingwoman a girl could ask for, Meike, because she was there for all of it. She is lucky to have the most amazing best friend, Liz Lee, singer songwriter, and Giuseppe Colato of Dirty South TV, to back her every endeavor with the pride and passion of their many talents.

Peach Bella is an inspiration to her fans and is proof that “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BREAK!”

Electrify your next event.